Travel time to hunt

Chamois are a graceful, agile species. Who take refuge in rocky alpine conditions.

Petite stature

They have a similar appearance to a small goat. However have a petite appearance with a brown to almost black to tan headed coat, this coat thickens with the seasons. All Chamois also have a characteristic dark band across their head, making them a unique exceptional mount.

Peak season

The Chamois rut begins May continuing on into June, their horns are highly prized as the unique curve of the points is admirable to hunters, a good trophy would measure 10”-14” in length. Both male and female Chamois grow horns. The horns on a female Chamois can be as long as a male Chamois however male Chamois tend to be heavier and have longer hooks. 
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Originating from southern Europe, Chamois were introduced here from Austria in 1907. Like the Tahr species, Chamois find themselves hidden amongst the Southern Alps of New Zealand and have adapted to the cold snowy temperatures of the South Island.

Quick and Agile

These animals hop from mountain range to mountain range agile and fast in speed.Chamois are a smaller species and weigh up to 100lbs. Smaller lighter calibres of rifle are effective when going after this agile breed.