Red Stag

(Cervus elaphus)

The Red Stag is the most sought-after New Zealand game animal, and is recognized by hunters worldwide. Often referred to as the ‘King’ of New Zealand Deer species, the majestic Red stag is the dominant ruler of Kuranui Estate. 

Magnificent Trophy

Taking refuge in native bush, their red coats, and grand antlers make for a magnificent trophy. Unlike Elk, no two red stags are the same – their premium grade antlers are unique to each animal, which guarantees a one-of-a-kind trophy. The Red Stags antlers become blackened by rubbing on native Manuka bushes which are prevalent here in the central North Island of New Zealand.  Although they are grand animals, the Red Stag is aggressive in nature and is often found defending its territory.

The Roar

The ‘Roar’ is what we refer to as the Rut in New Zealand. From Early March through April and trailing off in May, the Red Stag can be heard echoing through Kuranui Estate. This time is the prominent hunting season in New Zealand, the excitement of hearing the characteristic guttural, roaring challenge of the mating stags. This continual symphony persists day and night with many dominant stags engaging in fierce battles.


Originating from England and Europe British stock the Red Stag was introduced to New Zealand between 1851 and the early 1900’s. Mature Red Stags range from the weight of between 400 and 500 lbs. This species is hardened to the conditions of New Zealand making them very hardy and resilient animals. We recommend calibres no less than .270 for you to secure your trophy Red Stag. The option of .30 cal is ideal in 308, 30.06 or WSM and Magnums and Ultramags also work well. Once you have secured your world class Red Stag, if desired we will advise of local taxidermists for your trophy.


The meat harvested from deer is called venison. Here at Kuranui Estate, you will often have the opportunity to dine on our free range venison, which is a family favorite.

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