(Cervus Nippon)

Travel time to hunt

Sika deer are notorious for being one of the most intelligent species of deer here in New Zealand – local hunters often call them ‘the cunning sneaky masters of concealment’.

Magnificent coat

Sika Stags have grand brown antlers commonly with four points on each side. Their coats change from a beautiful chestnut with creamy spots to an almost brown grey in winter. Sika deer are one of the few species of deer that do not completely lose their spots when fully grown.This makes Sika a top choice for hunters seeking this magnificent coat.  

Peak Season

The Sika rut begins in April, when they will be heard bellowing through the trees, calling their mates and challenging contesters. The Sika calls others with what hunters refer to as a ‘honk’ which can be expected to sound like a series of donkey honks.


Originating from Asia our Sika were introduced into New Zealand’s native bush from a herd in England in the early 1900’s.

Patience is key

Like Fallow deer they are extremely wary with heightened senses and prove to be a challenge for all hunters who are willing. Hunting this proud and intelligent trophy is a world class experience for the passionate and patient hunter.