(Dama Dama)

Fallow Bucks are one of Kuranui’s most stunning deer, and is known for its incredible stature and ‘paddled’ unique palmated antler formation, similar to a moose.

Unique antlers

The Fallow Buck is a magnificent species of deer, with a range of different color coats from pure black, grey/brown, spotted fawn to white. This unique antler makes the species sought-after and here at Kuranui we are proud to have the opportunity to offer you a challenging yet rewarding experience hunting down this stunning beast.

Peak season

The Fallow Buck begins its rut in April through to May. This season is thrilling for those hunters looking for a challenge. The Fallow Bucks mating call is called a ‘Croak’ this call is distinctive and unique. You can expect to hear a cross between a rapid cough, and grunt when the Fallow Buck is challenging others. This animal is also known to put up a magnificent fight during their rut season.

Enhanced senses

As the Fallow deer is a park animal, they enjoy being in large groups grazing clearings. However, this animal is extremely smart and is one of the most difficult animal to hunt. With its enhanced senses, every hunter must be hunting to the best of their ability.

As Fallow are much smaller than a typical Red Stag, a lighter calibre of rifle can be used, such as .223, .243, .260, .270 or .308.


 New Zealand Fallow Deer originated from Denmark, Hungary and England and were introduced into New Zealand in the 1860’s, 10 years after the introduction of the Red Deer species.

Popular choice

 Fallow meat is one of the most popular and delicious types of venison, due to their grass grazing diet and therefore is one of the most commonly served and popular here amongst the chef’s at Kuranui.

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