Here at Kuranui Estate we have some of the finest trophy Rusa in New Zealand, some of which are carrying incredible drop tines (antlers that point down instead of up).

A magnificent species

Rusa are a magnificent species of deer, with unique sharp pointed antlers that are known for their straight frame and long length. They are typically six points, three per side. As a species they lack the down covering in their coats that other deer have, and because of this, Rusa reside in the warmer regions of the Central North Island. They are rarer to hunt and locate throughout New Zealand, but here at Kuranui Estate we are blessed to offer this rare opportunity for those looking for a one-of-a-kind trophy. There are a limited amount of Rusa allowed to be hunted each year, to support further generations of population growth.

Hunting Season

Rusa begin their key hunting season, (the Rut) in June through to July. Since this species has not adapted to our Southern Hemisphere, their mating season is slightly later than other deer species. The Rusas distinctive call is followed by a raspy Red-style growl that has Elk-like characteristics. Rusa Stag fights are fierce and occasionally fatal. They are extremely agile and can fit through narrow gaps of native bush. Because of this, Rusa are frequently seen carrying entire scrubby bushes on their heads, wrapped around their antlers.

A Challenging Trophy

With brown-grey coats, Rusa merge very easily with their environment. A stag will tilt his antlers along his back when he runs, making it relatively easy for even a large animal to quickly disappear, burrowing through brush and scrub. They are usually found on sunny slopes but are elusive and secretive. They are among the most challenging trophies to hunt and can test the stealth of even the most experienced hunter.

Rusa Meat is the key to making a divine range of salamis.


Although our herds of Rusa were brought into New Zealand from New Caledonia in the 1950s, Rusa originally came from Java. 

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