MEEt the team

(Our People)

Our one-of-a-kind Kuranui Hunting team has been handpicked to offer you the world class experience you have been hunting for. Here at Kuranui Hunting our team is our family, with generations of hunters who have been raised on sharing your same passion for the hunt. We pride ourselves on showing you an unforgettable hunting experience chasing all different types of premium New Zealand bred species. From hunting to flying, relaxation to great conversation this team will show you a good time, alongside one you will NEVER forget.



Proud members of the NZ Prof. Hunt Guide lgo

Brent is the 3rd generation of farmer/hunter gatherer in his family. Gaining skills and experience from his father and grandfather before him. His favorite saying is ‘It’s in the Blood’ expressing his passion for hunting that ignited from a young age, and has now carried on through his three daughters. Leading a team of purpose chosen guides and hosts, his mission is to be able to provide you with the same passion and experience. Brent is a man of many trades alongside a well experienced hunter of 45+ years, he also is a passionate game-fisherman and loves to spend long days out trolling the ocean after large game fish such as marlin. Brent also holds a commercial New Zealand Helicopter pilot’s license and loves to take the skies – so you have your very own personal helicopter pilot on hand if required. There has never been a dull moment in Brent’s adventures, from hunting across America, the United Kingdom, Australia, and extensively throughout all corners of New Zealand. His hobbies also include big game fishing, diving, farming, being a good husband and telling Ella to ‘shhhhh’ and stop taking while out on the hunt.


Juanita is an avid horse rider and has grown up in a local town called Putaruru. Being raised on a dairy farm she knows how to work hard and provide for her family. Mother to her outgoing three girls Juanita certainly knows how to host an outstanding meal, whilst providing her guests with premium hospitality. Juanita has a passion for a challenge, loves the outdoors, hiking, caring for her horses and being able to cater for your world class experience at Kuranui. Alongside her husband Brent they are the owners of Kuranui. Juanita will be your personal horse riding instructor and lead you on an idyllic horse ridden trail around our beautiful native New Zealand bush. She feels blessed to be able to pass on experience and share her passion with those willing. Juanita will also cater to those non-hunters of the group who are eager to try out any of the desired activities New Zealand has to offer. Rumor has it she loves to dance, and can make a top tier gluten-free cheesecake. But don’t be fooled, Juanita is just as at home on the high street fashion stores, cafes and restaurants as she is at the lodge. So she will be able to host and entertain any of your non-hunting group excursions.



Proud members of the NZ Prof. Hunt Guide lgo

Shaun is your right-hand man when it comes to all things hunting here at Kuranui. He knows Kuranui like the back of his hand, and alongside our Kuranui team of guides, Shaun can take you to all hunting hot spots, to help you claim your trophy. Each location catered to whatever fitness level is required. Hunting off the land of Taupō for 18 years, Shaun is an eager teacher of the outdoors, and will support you on the way to hunt your dream species. Hunting is his true passion alongside, raising his family, and getting outdoors.

ELLA Junior Guide / videographer

Ella has grown up hunting ever since she could walk! She was raised on a hard working dairy farm in Hamilton, New Zealand. As Brent and Juanita’s eldest daughter out of three girls, Ella is as tough as they come when it comes to female hunters. With a passion for horse riding, hunting and outdoors experiences Ella has looked up to her father Brent as a hunting role model for the past 20 years. She prides herself on learning new skills, and challenging herself to learn further from the generations of hunters before her. Ella’s passion for the outdoors  has grown with her and she hopes to encourage other female hunters to get involved in chasing the trophy of their dreams. When she is not caring for her horses, hunting or hiking Ella is known for a good laugh, and a sharp shot, and a very good conversationalist. Nearing the end of her communications and journalism university studies, Ella is very tech savvy and will no doubt be on hand to capture your hunting memories by way of a great photo, video or immortalized in a viral TikTok video.

Sought-after Species

SARAH Cook/Host

Sarah or (Sez) is a key part of our Kuranui family, her cheery smile is guaranteed to brighten up your day. Not only is she a whiz in the kitchen, and can cook a divine meal, she is a keen hunter and loves to take long hikes through New Zealand’s native bush. Sarah is an Outdoor Clothing designer for ‘Stoney Creek’ a leading hunting clothing brand in New Zealand. She loves to share her passion for design and can offer advice on what items of clothing will help improve the quality of your hunt. Sarah was raised in the South Island of New Zealand in Dunedin and has found home in the warm beach city of Papamōa where she loves to surf and swim in the ocean. Alongside Juanita, Sarah will ensure any non-hunters of the group will be fulfilled with any desired activity you might be hunting for.   She even designed and created a camouflage prom dress!

JULIAN DANBY Guide – Fishing

Julian Danby is a member of the New Zealand Professional Fishing Guides Association (NZPFGA). From a very young age he has successfully fished and mastered the local streams and lakes within close proximity to Kuranui Lodge, as well some of the most beautiful, challenging and bountiful waterways throughout New Zealand. He is also an experienced and skillful hunter, he’s just as at home in the bush stalking his favorite Rusa, Red or Sika stags as he is on the rivers. Join him on a trip to share some of his favorite fly fishing locations with options to suit the many needs and requirements of visitors.


Anthony (aka HEDGY) – Chef

A passionate game fisherman and hunter during the day, Anthony’s real passion is in the kitchen where he is obsessed with transforming fresh local produce (that has been sustainable harvested) into Michelin star quality meals. Having been a finalist in the New Zealand Wild Foods Awards and having international Cheffing experience, Hedgy looks forward to providing you and your guests with a culinary experience that will honor the fair chase hunting and / or fishing experience that you have enjoyed.